Affordable Solar Power

Lifestyle Solar: Making Photovoltaic Systems Affordable

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Lifestyle Solar recognizes that the initial outlay for a solar panel system can be an issue for many. So they’ve developed leasing and purchase plans allowing anyone to convert to solar energy without sticker shock:

  • Zero-Down Lease – Lease a system with zero money down and start saving on your electric bill immediately.
  • Fixed Lease – Avoid the huge initial cost of installation and lock in a rock bottom payment rate for the next 20 years for your electricty.
  • Prepaid Lease – Prepay your lease upfront and save even more.
  • System Purchase – Purchase your system outright for the best savings if the upfront cost is not a concern.

By creating these different options, they’ve ensured that solar power is available to everyone. The days of the initial cost preventing you from going solar are gone.

A Monthly Electric Bill of $0?

When it comes to the monthly cost of solar power, the details are impressive and the benefits of photovoltaic systems are obvious.

Let’s return to the topic of net metering, which may sound odd but perfectly describes how solar power works at the homeowner level. When your solar power system is feeding energy into the local utility grid during the day, the utility company is actually purchasing this energy from you. When the flow of power reverses in the evening, the utility sells you energy at the same rate. Your bill for the day is the “net” of the difference between the amount of energy you sold to the utility during the day and purchased during the evening.

The end result is that you can easily wind up with a monthly electric bill of zero – or close to it. If you project your monthly savings with solar over 20 years, and compare it to the tens of thousands of dollars you’d normally pay the electric company over that time, the financial savings become immense. Click here to see just how much you could save.

Savings That Keep Growing

Do you believe your PG&E electric bill will be the same in five years as it is today? It’s highly unlikely. On average, the company raises its rates 6.7 percent per year, And PG&E is expected to accelerate rate increases by a staggering 33.4 percent over the next three years, according to documentation the utility company recently filed with the California Public Utilities Commission. You can read a summary here.

With a Lifestyle Solar zero-down lease, the rate you pay for electricity is 12.9 cents per kWh, with the system and installation included in the cost. And that rate is guaranteed. Practically speaking this means going solar will save you money right now, as long as your electric bill is more than $50 a month. With the expected huge rise in PG&E rates over the next few years, those savings will increase rapidly.

20 years from now, your cost for solar power using Lifestyle Solar will still be 12.9 cents per kWh. Imagine how high PG&E’s rates will be by then. By switching to solar now, your savings would be substantial, and increase year after year.

The Best Time To Switch Is Now

Recapping the reasons why solar power makes sense:

  • As PG&E raises its rates, you can lower the rate you pay and lock in the savings for the next 20 years
  • You can get a photovoltaic system for zero down – eliminating upfront costs
  • You can raise the value of your home
  • You can help create jobs in the Fresno and Central Valley area
  • You can help eliminate air and water pollution
  • You can help mitigate climate change by reducing fossil fuel consumption by utility companies

California is the optimal environment for solar power, with Fresno and the Central Valley areas particularly ideal. Seemingly endless clear, sunny days mean you can generate free power from the sun year-round while cutting your utility bill to bare bones.

Contact Lifestyle Solar today at (866) 991-7652 to learn how converting to solar power can save you a fortune on your utility bills over the next 20 years. They are the top choice of consumers in the area, and have been awarded the Fresno Bee’s People’s Choice award for solar companies in 2013 for good reason.
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