California Solar Tax Credit

Taking the lead in clean, renewable power, California has the largest solar incentive programs in the nation.

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California and Renewable Energy

Taking the lead in clean, renewable power, California has the largest solar incentive programs in the nation.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the massive rebates and incentive programs offered by California. Since California rebates are part of a step-down program, the long that you wait, the fewer rebates and benefits you’ll get.

Since Lifestyle Solar handles all the rebates for you and factors them into your upfront cost, you can get your solar system for as little as nothing down, making a high quality system more accessible than ever.

California Solar Initiative (CSI)

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) is a rebate program started in 2007 for homeowners who currently buy their electricity from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). The rebates were originally meant to last 10 years, but due to high demand, some have had to close down sooner than expected. It’s important to take advantage of them as soon as possible before they’re all gone!

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

In addition to state level rebates and benefits, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers rebates that are based on the estimated performance of solar system installed on your home. The company calculates the estimated production of the system and gives the homeowner a lump sum payment for 20 years of production. This can more than pay for the system itself upfront.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Other incentives are offered by the SMUD to homeowners who install solar systems; these are based on expected system performance and can vary, so it’s important to check with the SMUD website for up to date information.

Full Rebate

With Lifestyle Solar, you never have to wonder if the rebate you’re getting is the whole thing– we apply the rebate, in full, to your account immediately.

The History of California Solar Incentives

It’s been a long road to get here.

It started in 1998, when rebates on small scale energy systems were introduced under the Emerging Renwables Program by the California Energy Commission. Three years later, another program that offered rebates for larger systems– those over 30 kilowatts– was introduced through the Self-Generation Incentive Program. Home electricity generation became viable on both small and large scales.

Later, in 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger introduced the Million Solar Roofs program– also known as the California Solar Initiative (CSI). The idea is to support growth in home solar to one million roofs by 2018. This program has also helped lead to a boom in California’s economy and awareness of clean, renewable energy.

By 2007, things were going fairly well, but several initiatives were still being underutilized, so the state launched Go Solar California, which included two new incentive programs with modified requirements. The energy commission provides incentives to foster energy efficient new home construction and for other homes set up in existing investor-owned utility regions– such as PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E– receive rebates from the CSI program.

This framework included a major change in the way these rebates were calculated– including performance based estimations based upon tilt, location and efficiency of the system. This, in turn has lead to more efficient systems and better installation practices designed to generate the most energy possible and ensure a clean, bright energy future.