Hassle Free Solar Power

Painless Solar Power, Low Upfront, & Easy Installation

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Simple and Clean

Solar doesn’t have to be complicated. You may be imagining lots of paperwork, building permits, time consuming and disruptive installation, but nothing could be further than the truth. We take care of everything from the permits to planning and installation with little to no impact on your daily life! Our highly skilled technicians will be in and out before you even realize it.

Low Upfront

Go Solar; Not Broke

As technology improves, the price for it goes down, so it should come as no surprise that modern solar systems are the most efficient and least expensive they ever have been! Not only will the system pay for itself over the long run, you won’t go into foreclosure to get started. In fact, chances are good you can already afford the low start up cost.

Did We Mention Quick Start Up?

With Lifestyle Solar’s expansive financing options, you can have your solar system set up and running in no time at all and you won’t even have to break open the piggy bank. Whether you opt for a fixed 20 year rate or to buy the system outright, we have options for every budget.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s no surprise that most solar lease companies tout they’re low cost systems– after all, who doesn’t like saving money– but what they often fail to mention is that they cut corners to get boost profits. With Lifestyle Solar, our focus is high quality components built to last for decades.

Easy Installation

Skills and Experience

If you’re going to partner with someone for 20 years, you want to know their service and product is top notch, which is why our systems are designed from the ground up to suit your home. Built from high quality German designed components and installed by highly qualified experts. We bring our experience with every installation and maintain it throughout the entire lease. You don’t have to worry about anything. Talk about a partnership made in heaven.

Painless Installation

Just how painless is painless? It’s easy as making a phone call, answering the door when our skilled technicians show up. We handle all the planning, measuring and installation, you sit back and relax and get ready for savings on your electric bill!

The Process

It’s no exaggeration to say that balancing curb appeal and system efficiency is important, which is why we custom design every system to meet your needs and the structure of your home for maximum performance.

After that, we install it for you while you relax.

We hook you up to the grid and you’re off and running; lower power bills, reliable service and doing your part to save the environment!

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You’re in Control

Our in-depth monitoring ensures your power is always available when you need it, even as it saves you money.

No Fuss, No Mess

Our installers are quick and highly skilled, ensuring your system gets put together as it was meant to with minimal impact on your property.

We’re Here for the Long Haul

We wouldn’t sign a 20 year agreement if we weren’t sure you were going going to be completely satisfied with your service. We’re here for you and we will be from day one.
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