Lifetime Support

Because 15 Years Isn't Nearly Long Enough

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Nothing to worry about for two decades.

How many relationships have you entered into that will not only save you money but guarantee they’ll be there for twenty years? Think about it:

  • Top of the line technology tailored to your house, both for aesthetics and performance.
  • Consistently lower utility bills.
  • Highly trained and friendly installation staff.
  • No hassles with building permits, planning or anything else; we take care of it all.
  • Constant monitoring to ensure you get the best performance from your system
  • We do all the maintenance.

When was the last time you had that much piece of mind? Isn’t it long overdue?

Made and Serviced in America

Have a question, concern or just want to have a talk about solar energy? Our customer service people are your neighbors, friends and family. No overseas call centers here, just friendly, knowledgeable staff that would love nothing more than to help you out.

The No Surprise Promise

We don’t believe in complex jargon, confusing contracts and misleading, some might say ‘questionable’ business practices. We’re California natives, just like you and like good neighbors, we believe we should be there for you if you need something.

This is why we stand behind our products 100% If something isn’t working right, we’ll fix or replace it. If a panel gets broken, you guessed it, we’ll replace it. No fine print, no multi-layered legal ease. Just good old customer service. (When was the last time you saw that?)

Improving Your Home Equity From Day One

Everyone knows that a home with a solar system is going to have considerably lower electric bills every month, so it should come as no surprise that homes with solar systems installed have been shown to sell for considerably more, even if the system is small.

Consider this study done by the  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in April of 2011 on the resale value of of homes with solar panel systems:

Authors of the study found that the resale value of a home increased around $5,900 per kilowatt that an array generates. Considering the average system generates between 2 and 5 kilowatts, the benefit is quickly apparent.

This also means that compared to non-solar equipped homes, those with a system installed can actually net a profit for the seller long after they’ve paid for themselves in usage.

The Technology to Last a Lifetime

Our technology makes monitoring your panel performance quick and painless. We can keep an eye on power spikes, drains and any other problems that may come up and you won’t have to worry about any of it. Not ever.

We monitor your system to make sure you get the power you need and save the money you deserve, and if something crops up we can know about it and get it fixed right away, which is why we guarantee 99.99% uptime. Because you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your system is functioning. You should know it will.
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