Solar Panels for Homes

Lifestyle Solar takes care of every step from design and installation to ongoing monitoring and support.

How a Solar Home Works

Your solar system converts sunlight into usable power. This power is converted to electricity for household use. A net meter measures the power generated and spins.

Solar Panels

Power is generated by converting sunlight into Direct Current “DC” power. Solar panels on your roof are strategically positioned to maximize sunlight coverage.


Inverters convert “DC” power derived from the sun into Alternating Current “AC” power for your household.

Electrical Panel

The AC power now travels from the inverter into your home’s electrical panel, or breaker box, where it can be readily used to power your household.

Home Electricity

AC Power can be immediately used to power your home for your appliances.

Net Meter

This special meter measures your electrical usage and either spins backward or forward, depending on how much power your system generates. When it spins backward, your system is returning energy to the grid and you receive credit on your next bill.

Utility Grid

Your home remains connected to the local electrical grid for extra power when you need it, day or night.

Solar Home Evaluation

Going solar starts with a free residential home evaluation by one of our solar home consultants. It takes as little as 15 minutes.

1. Free Consultation

Get a free consultation with Lifestyle Solar. We’ll review your past electrical usage and evaluate available solar options for an initial savings estimate.

2. Site Survey

Our solar installers will schedule a visit to determine the best solar equipment for your home. We’ll perform a visual inspection outside of your house.

3. Roof Review

Extensive roof measurements such as shading, direction, and angles will be taken so our engineers can design the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar installation for your home.

4. System Size Calculation

After the free home evaluation, our team of professionals will draft a custom proposal with multiple options for your home.

Schedule your Free Solar Home Evaluation

Custom System Design

Our residential systems are designed to suit your home. Our qualified engineers design every system to maximize efficiency and output without compromising curb appeal.

Engineered for Efficiency

We pair the best-selling German-designed and American-made inverters with industry-leading solar panels to provide superior performance.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our professional engineers and our installation teams precisely calculate every detail down to the smallest gap sizes for perfection.

Highest-Quality Installation

As a full service solar company, we handle everything: obtaining building permits, inspections, installation, roof work, etc.

We respect your space and schedule. Our crews have minimal impact on your property. It’s almost as if they were never there.

Built to Last

We craft every aspect of your system to ensure its longevity. In fact, we're one of the few companies with a 20 year roof warranty on our installations.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will save money and time with Lifestyle Solar. It’s no wonder more than 30% of our new customers are referred to us by satisfied customers.

I would like to thank your installers for a clean backyard everyday. We had an evening family BBQ on one of the installation days and it was spotless when the crew left for our party.
Quan N.
San Jose, CA
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Financial Independence & Reliable Energy
Lock in the lowest electricity rates for the future of your home.

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Connection to the Grid

Our engineers work with local utility providers and city inspectors for you. You can count on us to take care of everything to get your solar system set up and working.

  • Communicating with PG&E
  • Pulling city permits
  • Scheduling utility and city inspections

Proactive Monitoring

Because we guarantee your energy production, downtime matters to us. We monitor your system for drops in production, in which case we get it fixed and operating at maximum efficiency.

Production Guarantee99.9% uptime for our Lease/PPA customers

Painless Automated Billing

Once your system is installed, just set up the automatic monthly payment, sit back, and enjoy the fact that you’re saving money and helping the planet. To top it off, you will receive just one bill from your utility each year.

Bill-free Summers!

Lifestyle Solar systems are so efficient you will produce enough energy in the summer months to even see savings on your bill during the cloudier winter months.

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