Solar in California

Switching to Lifestyle Solar, you're locked in at a fixed rate that can be as little as 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

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With tons of sun, high electrical energy costs and good solar incentives at the state level, it’s no surprise that California has more solar systems installed than any other state. Think about it; are you paying more than $100 per month for electricity? Wouldn’t you like to be paying less? It’s time to take control of your electric costs with a home solar system.

Incentives in California

With forward thinking policies that support renewable energy, California has provided great incentives for people wanting to switch to clean, reliable solar energy, helping home owners save tons of money. Take a look at some of the rebates and incentives.

California Electric Rates

Most utility companies charge for their services in different tiers; the more power you consume, the higher your cost per kilowatt hour becomes. However, by switching to Lifestyle Solar, you’re locked in at a fixed rate that can be as little as 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

Popularity of Solar Leases

With all the benefits of solar leasing– not having to pay for the equipment up front, not having to deal with the permits, fees and installation– it’s probably not that surprising that 75% of those who choose to go solar get their system through a lease or power purchase agreement, rather than buying the system outright.

Lifestyle Solar Installers

Since we’re completely local and do the work ourselves, you don’t ever have to worry about trying to find an experienced installer who’ll do the job right and on time while still respecting your property– with years of hands on experience, we’ve seen just about every roof configuration there is and successfully installed systems on just about every one of them.

Who Can Use Lifestyle Solar?

Partnering with all of California’s power companies has allowed us to offer our systems to more than 90% of homeowners within the state.

Solar Rebates From Utility Companies

Because of the California Solar Iniative rebate program for homeowners, various utility companies offer rebates for installing a solar system on your home. For more information, check out the CSI page:

Get Solar and Stay Connected

When going solar through Lifestyle Solar, you don’t get off the grid, which means you never have to worry about brownouts on several consecutive days of no sun. It also means that when your panels generate more power than your home needs, the excess is sold to the utility company. This, in turn lowers your utility bill for the power you do use and lowers your overall expenses in the long term.