Solar Panel Maintenance

Maintaining your solar panels helps not only protect the investment you’ve made but keeps them running as efficiently as possible.

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Poorly performing panels can limit the amount of energy produced with will negatively affect your net energy balance each month and can raise your total bill.

Thankfully keeping your solar panels in top shape is a simple and straightforward process. With a little care and attention just a couple of times a year, they can provide trouble free service for a long time to come.

Keep Them Clean

The most important factor for ensuring optimal energy production for your solar panels is cleaning Depending on how high they are installed this will either be an easy job for yourself or require the help from a professional. If you can easily and safely reach your solar panels, then wait for either morning or night time to clean them when they are cool.

Cold water on a hot panel can lead to cracking and costly damage. If there is only a light amount of dirt to be removed, then simply washing the panels off with your garden hose should do the job sufficiently. If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, you can take a long sponge and some soapy water to clean more deeply.

Hands Off Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, if reaching your solar panels is difficult due to the height of your roof then call in the services of one of the many professional solar panel cleaners to help you instead.

Alternatively, there are automatic cleaners available, which can automate this task so you never have to lift a finger.
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